Random Teachings

So this page is going to include posts that are kinda random or maybe even a small rant. These posts don’t have anything particularly to so with one specific subject but rather things in general. like Who is the Author of  this, or What does this passage mean. This also includes rant which is me “going off” about something. I do make this ONE promise:I WILL NEVER QUESTION ANYONE’S FAITH IN JESUS IF I’M RANTING ABOUT ONE PERSON OR A GROUP OF PEOPLE!! That’s my #1 rule: NEVER judge someone’s faith. Will I be rude? Possible and I try not to but sometimes you have to give the truth straight forward and the truth hurts sometimes.


Why I am done debating closed minded Christians (I will leave them be)

Random Teachings:

Should we take the Bible very literal or figurative?

Moses: Fact or Fiction

Torah Authorship (update soon):

Genesis 1-11 written during Babylonain Exile?(Biologos Post)

Anachronisms in the Torah

Who wrote the Pentateuch?


What are Demons? Not what you think!

Who is Satan (Devil)? Not What you think!

If Satan or Demons aren’t real then…?

Jesus, the Cross, and Salvation:

Who did Jesus save at the Cross? And are people going to Hell?

Random Thoughts

My Ark Experience (A review and Refutation)