Our app

New Android App is here!! It’s still made by Appsgeyser.com but it looks cleaner. I also added some extra resources into the new app. 



Blog: Recommend if you are using Slow networks or Data plans

Biologos: Extra resources 

Contradictions in the Bible website: Does NOT reflect my views completely but a good tool to study the Bible objectively.

App link: Android App v3.0 

NOTE: make sure you check the “unknown sources” in your settings under “security”. This way it’ll let you install apps outside of the Google Play Store. If it appears as a virus,  let me know but I’ve tested it so it shouldn’t have a virus.
Our old Android app

Get Android v1.0 app here!!

About app: it has 4 tabs: the website,  the blog,  YouTube channel,  and the Facebook page.  The website includes the blog,  but the blog tab is easier to navigate and requires less loading which helps save data if you’re using mobile network.

Android v2.0 I have discontinued because the other 2 versions are better and faster. If you’d like it for some reason, please contact me and I will find it for you. 


Update!! we now have an IOS app!!!!!! 

IOS App: http://snappy.appypie.com/user/download-plist/appId/ffa38998f954

New IOS app coming SOON!