My Views

I want to explain to you my views on the various topics related to creation and Science.  I want to start out with a few of my OPINIONS or reasons why I believe what I believe and before we begin, I do talk about how Young Earth Creationists are. I want you to know I am not directly accusing YOU, individually, of doing anything. There are many Young Earth Creationists that I respect (ex: Jay L. Wile):

  1.  I believe Science is a way to discover  how God made the Universe and how it works. (Psalm 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.”)

  2. I believe many people reject Christianity because many Christians and churches teach an Earth that is 6,000-10,000 years old and that goes against science. Science and The Bible should be compatible, just as it really is with modern science.

  3. God made the universe, and gave us the book of salvation (Bible) and the Book of Nature. So I think we should use both resources to answer scientific questions and theories but we can’t rely on the Bible only to answer Scientific questions.

  4. The Young Earth movement is extremely biased and many organizations like “answers in genesis” and people like Ken Ham are biased and aren’t open minded. They say either you believe in what they believe or you go to Hell basically. That does not sound like a Christianity that I know from the Bible. We are to be Loving and caring and I would say we should be open minded because we are imperfect humans with imperfect interpretations and God reveals things that may seem contradictory to the Bible sometimes because God and His Choices don’t make sense to us sometimes. Young Earth Creationists generally aren’t going to be open minded and with shut you out if you are an Old Earth believer or an Evolutionist. they sometimes lie, for example, the word “Yom” or day in Genesis 1. they say that YOM always means a 24 hour period when it has a number with it…but no hebrew scholar has EVER said that. I agree that Genesis 1 “should” say 24 hour days. But to say that it can ONLY mean that is false. 

  5. Now, I really believe the Bible has the Ancient World’s Cosmology, like a flat earth, solid dome over the earth, etc. This tells me that the Bible isn’t a science book. It does contains some science stuff in it BUT, we shouldn’t use it as an Astronomy textbook, or a Biology Textbook, etc.

These are a few reasons and opinions I have for what I believe. Here are my main points of Belief

  • I’m not a Fundamentalist, literalist, or a Traditionalist.
  • I believe God created the universe by triggering the Big Bang and allowing natural processes (including biological evolution) to develop the universe and life over billions of years. Basically, I accept Science.
  • I believe Aliens are real.
  • I believe Genesis 1-11 are allegory
  • I believe the Torah has multiple authors and a person eventually compiled all those works together, which therefore I dont believe the Torah is 100% history. 
  • I believe the the Bible can be studied just like any other literature
  • I belive that Revelation has already taken play in 1st century AD.
  • I believe Jesus is my savior
  • I believe Jesus was born of a virgin, and died on the Cross to pay the penalty for us so we can have eternal life. 
  • I believe Jesus fulfilled all His promises by 70 AD.
  • (political) I dont really support the country of Israel today. I support the Jewish (Religious) people. Im more pro- palestinian.

    Have questions on why I believe what I believe? Just read my articles and you will see exactly why I believe what I believe. **If I dont have a post about it, I will soon**

    God Bless you all!