Evolution is something that is very widely debated in the Christian Community especially. Many claim it doesn’t fit God’s word because of the “literal” interpretation and that Death occurred after the Fall of Man. On the other side of the debate (Which is where I am), we believe the Genesis 1-2 chapters aren’t to be taken literal, although views vary in the Theistic Evolutionist view. We believe that Spiritual death is the only affect of the Fall of Man. There is however a “middle ground” in the debate. This view is that the Earth is in fact old, but Evolution did not occur. This view is the Old Earth Creationism view. I generally agree with them but they don’t believe in Evolution. But they are generally nice folk. One thing  I notice is that young earth creationists are generally closed minded towards anyone else, including other Christians who accept modern science. 

This page is dedicated to the posts about the Evolution Debate. The first section talks about Evolution itself and what is says (skip if you already know Evolution), the second is how Evolution and the Bible are compatible, and the Third is the Evidence for evolution .

Biologos made a video that describes the history of the universe through an Evolutionary Creationist point of view:

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