End Times 

I know this isn’t really science related but this also needs to be adressed to the Christian community especially and also to non believers.The end times is a difficult topic sometimes. Mainly, The Book of Revelation is where you go to find end time answers. Also, a few other New Testament books as well. But many Christians believe that Revelation either hasn’t been fulfilled or it currently is being fulfilled. But what if it already has been fulfilled?! Would that destroy the need for the Bible? What about the 1000 year reign of Jesus? Questions like this will be answered here. This type of view is called Preterism (either partial or full Preterism). Partial Preterism is that most prophecy is fullfilled from revelation. Full Preterism is that ALL revelation prophecy is fullfilled. Im more toward full than partial but with more research, I’ll find the answer.

Here is a video where Don k. Preston defends preterism:


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