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The Age of the Earth is a widely discussed topic in the Christian Community. This controversy has created so much division. It has also given Christianity a bad name. Atheists, or other Non Believers, when they see all the division, they reject Christianity because we fight over the age of the earth all the time.

Many Christians see the Earth and Universe as 6,000 years, they are called Young Earth Creationists. Another Group accepts the Old Age of the Earth and universe but rejects Biological Evolution. This group is called Old Earth Creationists or Progressive Creationists. The last (main) group is called Evolutionary Creationists (or Theistic Evolutionists). as an Evolutionary Creationist, I (and other Evolutionary Creationists) accept all of Modern Science as well, and more importantly, the Word of God. The blog below is a collection of posts that I will do, or am doing, to show you how the Bible does NOT conflict with modern science. Since Evolution is such a complete other topic than the age of the earth, I have another page that is dedicated to all the posts about Evolution.

Even though I don’t agree with him on Evolution, Hugh Ross, an Old Earth Creationist and an Astrophysict is an amazing guy. He is the founder of Reasons to BelieveHe made a documentary called “Journey Toward Creation”. I provided it below to show how an Old Universe shows God glories and wonderful design.

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Extras stuff:

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Since Evolution is a topic on its own, See the Evolution page for Evolution topics.