Aliens and the Bible


Aliens, undoubtedly , is a popular topic in the US culture. Aliens, from most people, are accepted. Form Christians, most don’t. Many  think they are demons. But how so if Satan and Demons were thrown in to Lake of Fire in 70 AD? This goes with Preterism, the view of Revelation being Fulfilled already. Basically, Demons and Satan are no longer controlling the world and are in the lake of Fire. The Fact is, we have no basis for believing Aliens are demons other than “abductions” which have been debunked as psychologically delusional. Aliens are not against the Bible, UFOs aren’t either. Even Ancient Aliens isn’t against the Bible. God could’ve used Aliens for His purpose. Fitting Aliens may be somewhat hard however with the Bible, but not impossible. Many Christians get the wrong idea on aliens and much other stuff such as Evolution and Science. Below are blog posts about Aliens, UFOs, and the Bible:

Aliens and the Bible series: 

Aliens, UFOs, and the Bible – How they can fit the Bible (Part 1)

Aliens, UFOs, and the Bible – UFO Sightings (Part 2)

Aliens, UFOs, and the Bible – Ancient Egypt (Part 3)

Alien/UFO  Evidence

Scripture supporting Aliens? And UFOs in Religious Painting?!

Apollo Missions:

Apollo and Aliens



The section below is for Sci-fi kind of things that may be real in real life. Such as warp drives, interstellar travel, big spaceships, space stations, etc. This doesn’t have much to do with the Bible it self, I am just a science/Sci-Fi Nerd; so it may just be random updates from NASA or something about the latest discoveries.

Other “Sci-Fi” topics:


I get a lot of my evidence and stuff from a couple Youtube Channels. Don’t worry, they are accurate. They provide link to sites like NASA. Here are the links to the channels: