Hi, I am 15 (Pretty young) and I LOVE science and the bible. But I cant ever get any straight answers from people because of the  so called “conflict” between science and the bible. So I took it upon my self to research topics and provide accurate answers. even though it’s hard for me to get actual answers, i use various old earth websites to help me. I’ll list them below. I am an Old Earth Creationist, unlike young earth. I believe the Earth is ~4.5 billion years and I believe evolution. I believe Christians reject science based on assumption of the literal interpretation and English translation of the Bible. Here, I hope to use the ORIGINAL language to solve many problems that may have occurred in translating. I also hope to use science and the bible to show how they are completely compatible.

These sites are Old Earth sites:

Reasons to Believe

Old Earth Ministries

God and Science

**The Sites Below are the Theistic Sites (I am a Theistic Evolutionist so these sites are helpful to me)**


Age of Rocks

God of Evolution


I am also a Full Preterist. Many Bible translations and study Bible have many Futurist bias in them. There are two Bibles that are actually made by Preterists. The Kingdom Bible and Fulfilled Covenant Bible are both Preterist Bibles and give support of Full Preterism through historical accounts from Josephus, a Jewish Historian, as well as other historical documents. I recommend these 2 bibles, I myself haven’t bought one but I’ve heard good things about them. I use many websites for my Preterist sources.
I also listen to Don K Preston who also has websites: