Evidence for Evolution

There is so much evidence in Science for Evolution that I won’t be able to go over ALL of it. But there is also a small amount of evidence in the Bible for Evolution. So i will start with the Biblical evidence first.

Biblical Evidence

In Genesis 1:11-24, God says “let the waters bring forth…” and “let the earth bring forth..” which strongly implies that the Earth is doing the work, and it supports evolution. Other than that, the Bible doesn’t really talk about the develop of life, which doesn’t prove evolution but certainly doesn’t deny evolution.

Scientific Evidence

Now the Scientific proof is overwhelming, but we have to make sure it doesn’t contradict the Bible. But so far, no evidence contradicts the Bible.

Whale Evolution

whale evolution is probably one of the best ways to show evolution. Whales have hip bones that actually help with reproduction, but they are from previous ancestors that lived on land. I see this as God’s plan. God knew that when the Pakicetus (pictured below) eventually evolved into a whale, it would be useful. God always has plans and I am completely amazed by Him sometimes.



Another proof is DNA. In DNA, Humans, apes, monkeys, etc. have a lot in common because we are closely related. We had a common ancestor in the past.


Here we see how Humans’ and Chimpanzees’ chromosomes are similar (but not the same) because we had a common ancestor.

Intermediate Fossils everywhere 

contrary to what Young Earth Creationists say, there ARE intermediate fossils. Transitional fossils would be rare because it would be between 2 direct species. But intermediate fossils are found everywhere. practically every fossil is an intermediate fossil because there was one before it and one after it. Just like in this picture below, each is a transitional fossil. By calling a fossil transitional, it implies that tue fossils is the transforming of one species to another or it’s currently in the process of evolution. Intermediate fossils are the fossils that show a species between 2 species. You will NEVER find a transitional fossil because evolution mostly occurs in the embryo or in the cells not the bones themselves.



I hope this helped you. I will post more about Evolution in the future. Have a Blessed day. God bless! 😀