Starlight is a big problem for Young Earth Creationists. The main question asked is “How can starlight billions or even millions of light years away reach us if the universe is only 10,000 years old?” this question has been attempted to be resolved in the young earth camp. One theory is that Light was created how it is today, but that would make God as a deceiver because he would make it seem like the earth is old but really young (most YECs disagree with this now).

Another is time dilation, where time runs slower here, but faster out in space. Time on earth is slower than in space is basically what science says. YECs use this to say that this is why the Universe appears to be billions of years old, while it’s actually 6,000 years old or 10,000 years old. But based on scientific studies, the difference in time is a second per week and the change is too weak to make a drastic change. Time dilation doesn’t directly prove either side. it is a result of going really really fast or being near large mass objects (black holes). so, you see the universe differently if you are in differently places. while it doesn’t prove an old universe too, I am showing you why it doesn’t prove a young universe.

In Genesis 1, when God “created” light, it uses the word “hayah” not “Bara”. Bara is the word used when it is talking about something being created or shaped. Hayah means to exist, i.e. be or become, come to pass…Which does not seem to support anything really instantaneous in Creation. That rules out the idea that God instantly made light. It’s more like the Bible is trying to say,” And God said “Let light come to pass” or “let light become”.  

The last paragraph gives support to the idea that God made light through a natural process but was started supernaturally when the Big Bang happened. The Young Earth model(s) simply don’t match up to Science or the Bible.


Note: I will post more on Starlight in the Future