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Welcome to “A Christian’s old Earth”! Here, we want to show you that modern Science is NOT in conflict with the Bible AT ALL!  We believe the Earth is old (~4.5 billion years old) and that God used the process of Evolution to create life. The Bible is a very misunderstood collection of books at times. Many people assume the English translations convey the exact same message as the Hebrew or Greek manuscripts. Many people also assume that some parts of the Bible are literal or figurative and follow what tradition says. This shouldn’t always be the case. As with every Human idea, work, or teachings, they will always be flawed to a degree. The Bible is the only book that speaks God’s truth, God’s history with mankind, and our instructions to a relationship with Christ, and ultimately, instructions on how to experience eternal life.

“When I see how God worked through the Big Bang to make a Universe so finely tuned that it works so well, it makes me want to be closer to God. When I discover how God used Evolution, I want to get even closer to God. I want to discover God’s Creation.  I almost LOST my faith, but if it weren’t for EVOLUTION AND THE BIG BANG,  I would’ve lost faith that I had in Jesus. And now I am still a Committed Christian and I want to become an Astronomer when I leave College.”

– Brian (Me), 2017

***Also, this blog is expanded to studies on Revelation, Aliens, and other random studies on the Bible. My goal is to bring out the pure truth without starting with Church doctrine, tradition, or presuppositions. I will present pure facts as much as possible. I have various views that are not accepted by most of the Church , but none the less, are biblical. I am not anti-Church, or anything that opposes the Church, however, I do believe the Church today, and the past, have misunderstood things and got things wrong (nobody is perfect). That’s why I am here to correct some of these mistakes. Even if my views oppose some church doctrines, I believe the Bible is inspired (not written directly) by God. God allowed the writers to write and relate to their culture and their settings. The Bible, however, is not about a mythical god or fairy tales. It may include parables and figurative, allegorical stories, but they serve a purpose for God’s glory.



 Here is a couple videos that present my view on the Universe and Evolution: 


Please fell free to email me at “” if you have any questions, or even if you have evidence for an old earth you’d like me to touch on.